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Greig Metcalfe

Director/Principal Officer

25 Bow Street Raglan 3225

About Greig Metcalfe

LJ Hooker Raglan is part of the George Boyes Group - George Boyes being the oldest and most historic brand in the area.

Greig and his wife Natasha are great enthusiasts of Raglan, not only having a business in the town but also having a holiday home.

Greig as Principal of LJ Hooker George Boyes, personifies the values of one of New Zealand’s longest running Real Estate dynasties.

Leslie Joseph Hooker (LJ Hooker), a hard worker who started in business very young, opened his first Real Estate Company in 1928 and after a difficult start during the 1930’s depression, expanded his business into Australia’s largest Real Estate Empire. George Boyes and Company have similar historical roots.

Today, LJ Hooker continues to be a huge player in the Australasian Real Estate scene.

Greig now has 25 years in the industry. Greig joined George Boyes in 2000 and in 2006 took ownership. Having weathered the worldwide financial crisis of the period 2007 - 2012, Greig has now set the company the challenge of diversification and expansion under the LJ Hooker brand.

Greig is assisted by a dedicated team and conducts Real Estate in all the disciplines - Residential, Country - Lifestyle Sales, Coastal Sales, Commercial Sales - Leasing and Property Management - Letting.